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Our children are cold and often go to bed without pajamas, especially our teens.  We strive each year to provide two pairs of pajamas for each child (4,000 pairs); one to wear while the other is in the laundry.  You can help by donating flannel and fleece pajama bottoms for our 10 - 17 year old boys and girls.

Our kids also go to school without socks and underwear.  Every year we attempt  to gather enough socks (10,000 pairs) and underwear (10,000 pairs) for 5 pairs of each for every child.  It’s a huge goal, but our children deserve to be taken care of and Holly House is determined to do just that.

We also measure success by the amount of community involvement we have each year; always striving to get more and more people involved in the needs of our families and their children. We learned early on that people want to help they just don’t know where or how.  Volunteer and be a part of the community that reaches out to help our children.

Below are some of the amazing people and Holly House team members who have volunteered at Holly House over the years.  You’ll see them unloading donations, checking in clients, setting up and running the various booths.  Some are in the kitchen feeding our volunteers.  Others are restocking toys and gifts.  Some are outside controlling traffic while others help the families to their cars with their gifts.  Holly House is an amazing operation, serving many in our community and could not happen without the tremendous help we get.

Holly House provides new gifts and necessities to low-income children in the Edmonds School District. Parents come to Holly House on a specific day during the Holiday Season to choose free gifts and necessities for their children. These can include new socks, underwear, pajamas, hats, scarves, books, blankets, toiletries, stuffed animals, stocking stuffers, games and toys.

This massive event takes 2 days and many volunteers to set up and prepare for the 3rd day when the parents come to shop for free for their children. The days are grueling and exhausting, but so well worth it when we see the tears that flow freely down the faces of the parents as they realize their children will be taken care.

We measure the success of Holly House by the number of children and families we are able to serve. We work hard to provide basic needs such as a new socks, underwear, pjs, hats and scarves to each child that comes into the holiday program at Holly House.