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Holly House provides new gifts and necessities to low-income children in the Edmonds School District. Parents come to Holly House on a specific day during the Holiday Season to choose free gifts and necessities for their children. These can include new socks, underwear, pajamas, hats, scarves, books, blankets, toiletries, stuffed animals, stocking stuffers, games and toys. 

This massive event takes 2 days and many volunteers to set up and prepare for the 3rd day when the parents come to shop for free for their children. The days are grueling and exhausting, but so well worth it when we see the tears that flow freely down the faces of the parents as they realize their children will be taken care.

We measure the success of Holly House by the number of children and families we are able to serve. We work hard to provide basic needs such as a new socks, underwear, pjs, hats and scarves to each child that comes into the holiday program at Holly House.

The Holly House Event