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Help provide gifts for our children during the Holidays.

Help our Kids!

We can’t do it without your generous support and donations.

Our children go to school without socks, underwear and go to bed shivering in threadbare pajamas. 

Our parents so heartbroken because often there is no money for toys/gifts for the Holidays.   

Do you want to make a difference in our kids lives?  Click Here


Do You want to encourage your little ones to give? 

Help your Children go through their stuffed animals and books to pick out "new or look like new" ones that they are not reading or playing with anymore.

AND THEN - Have your children encourage their friends to do the same thing.

But the most exciting way to teach them to give


Have your kids friends bring "new and look like new" stuffed animals and books for our Holly House kids to the party. 

The children will LOVE this - especially if there is ice cream - and it will start to teach them about giving.





Toys that will delight our kids

Year round opportunities to help

Pam Martinez

    Executive Director     

(425) 673-0526

Join Us!

Volunteers are crucial to Holly House.

Throughout the year the volunteers work hard to procure gifts, necessities and

monetary funds to assure our children have what they need.   The volunteers are

also vital to our work parties, where we prepare the donations for the day when

the parents come to do their Holiday shopping for free for their children.   

We love our volunteers.

For volunteer opportunities click here

Our Mission 

Holly House is a Children's Holiday Gift Program providing gifts and necessities for low-income children in primarily the Edmonds School District, Lynnwood, Washington during the Holidays.

We began as a grassroots operation in 2006 and have grown to serve 2,200 low-income children in 16 schools in the Edmonds School District, Washington. One of our biggest goals is to provide some of the necessities for our children so parents can concentrate on finding jobs and building a life for their families.